Design, Prefabrication & Engineering

From retail locations to global enterprises, projects are designed, engineered and commissioned to the highest of industry standards and your unique needs at The SES Engineering Center of Excellence (CoE). Each deployment is engineered to the precise standards and requirements of our clients.

Uniformity & consistency are the guiding principles of the CoE
  • CAD and programming resources
  • Engineering and pre-fabrication center
  • Complete system and project documentation
  • Requirements and compliance reviews
  • Programming and testing prior to installation
  • Ongoing service and preventative maintenance


Structured Implementation Roadmap

A successful solution implementation starts at the SES Center of Excellence (CoE) with a systematic approach customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. Project initiation & planning include accurate pre-sale costing, a detailed engineering design and the application of project standards.


Project Initiation
  • Scope & deliverable confirmation
  • Benchmark & completion date
  • Capacity planning
Project Planning
  • Application & CAD documentation
  • Playbook & scope of work
  • Resources, schedules & milestones
Engineering & Prefabrication
  • Timing, staging and deployment
  • Communication & documentation
  • Implementation & testing
  • client training & awareness
Project Closure & Field Installation
  • SecureStat hierarchy established
  • Project acceptance & sign-off
  • Final documentation execution
  • Transition to service program
Ongoing Service & Support
  • Measures & mitigation & risk analysis
  • Identify plan deviations & communicate
  • Take necessary remediation action

Benefits of Centralized Engineering & Prefabrication
System Prefabrication Capabilities
  • Pre-testing, configurations and programming in a controlled environment
  • Synchronized engineered drawings and field installations
  • Highest quality assurance and control standards applied
  • Streamlined plug and play field installation
Centralized Staging Benefits
  • Provides efficient production and installations
  • Eliminates out of box failures
  • Reduces inconsistency in deployment
  • Streamlines asset documentation, service and support
  • Lowers total cost of ownership

Uniquely Designed By SES

Security panels prefabricated at the SES Engineering Center of Excellence are designed and configured to minimize the space required and be standardized. The panel wiring, assembly and configuration is pretested ahead of installation at the CoE allowing for ease of installation and efficient service in the future by SES field operations.

The SES CoE Centralized Approach = Organized & Space Efficient