Instant, Real-time Service Updates

Service Messenger, a SecureStat® enhancement, provides clients instant, real-time service updates from the initial repair request to completion. Service Messenger is fully integrated with SecureStat, the industry’s leading online management tool.

Customized Alert Details

  • Service repair request number
  • Problem description
  • Service technician name, photo, skills & more
Get Notified Every Step of the Way

Service call alerts keep you instantly informed on the status and completion of calls at any service location, 24//7. Service Messenger features complete customization with the ability to select the alerts each security personnel within your organization receives.


Customized Security Management

Utilize Service Messenger’s completely customized features including contact management, schedule management and real-time test status.

  • Add, edit or delete contacts and call lists
  • Edit permanent schedules and run reports
  • Immediately retrieve the status of the zones being tested


Only the Alerts You Need

Create alert preferences and only receive the specific, customized alerts you prefer. Stay informed on the status of your security projects with alerts delivered directly to your email box.